Monday, April 27, 2009

Somethings got to change

Well I am sure many of you already know this, but for those who don't here is what has gone on since I last blogged.

Lets rewind to Friday when I actually posted my last blog...If memory serves me corrected I stated that I felt maybe yet another ear infection was bothering my little boy, and YES I was right. After I blogged, I fed Camden his breakfast and after screaming through just about every bite, and looking as pitiful as he did, I decided I could no longer let him go on like this and called his Dr. This is actually what he looked like:

Yes, I know he is smiling(that is just his nature, he IS normally a very happy boy) but his splotchy face, and half droopy eyes, and hysterics everytime he swallowed, told me something much more was going on. I felt almost ridiculous calling his Dr, because although he has had an ear infection just about every time I have taken him there, I still feel as if sometimes I am just worried over nothing. Glad I decided to trust my gut and take him though. I find it AMAZING at how in tuned mothers are with their children. Its almost as if we are one person. I know him, I know when he is hurting, even when he can say nothing at all. Well as guessed, SURE ENOUGH his right ear was infected AGAIN! He had only been off antibiotics for a week and an infection had returned. This was my last straw. I agreed to let him see an ENT and have tubes put in. I know a few weeks ago I was struggling with this decision, but I feel in my heart I am only being selfish by putting this off. Although, the thought of them putting my baby to sleep scares the MESS out of me, I can't let him suffer any longer. He isn't sleeping through the night, he is throwing up all the time(which my Dr. confirmed is very common in reflux babies with ear issues. He said he doesn't know which triggers which, but they go hand in hand and make each other worse) and he is just irritable and fussy for the most part. I prayed long and hard about this and I am trusting my motherly instincts and getting my baby the help he needs! Pray for us and wish us LUCK!

In other news....Potty training isn't going quite as good as I hoped. I worked with Carson all day Saturday and although I did see improvements throughout the day, nothing seemed to really STICK! When the day first started Carson had NO interest in even sitting on the potty, but the more fun I made it, the easier it was to convince him to do it! I found the most effective way to get him to stay on the potty for short periods of time was to either read or let him read himself books! He never actually went to the potty, but he did tell me he needed to go a few times and when I would put him on the potty he would just let out gas(TMI? haha) he was so proud of himself for that and he would say, "MOMMY I Did it, I stinky!" <---HAHA yes, the exciting life of motherhood!!!- Although he didn't REALLY stinky I would still praise him and tell him< "GOOD BOY CARSON!" I felt this was great progress because he felt something going on in that tummy of his and took the initiative to go on the potty! Hoping things progress alittle more than this though soon!!

Anyways, that is all for now. I will update more about the ear situation when I talk and meet with the ENT!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Excuse me while I whine a little!

Ok, I don't want to sound like a whinny, ungrateful, "poor me" type of person, but I need to get this OFF of my chest! I am SOOOOOOO tired of THIS:

By this I mean these beat red, scaly, cheeks! I don't mean to sound pitiful! I mean I know, trust me, I could have SOO much worse. I am FOREVER grateful that God blessed me with a(mostly) healthy baby. It's just terribly OLD hearing people ask me why his cheeks are so red? Even kids lol, they walk up and say whats wrong with that baby's cheeks? I then have to try to explain eczema and all the FUN that comes alone with it! I was PROMISED by Dr's that this would be almost NON-EXISTENT during spring and summer, but HELLO isn't it 86 degrees outside and isn't my babies cheeks(regardless of the GLOBS of medicine and Vaseline I keep on them) still BEAT RED?

I am starting to think maybe this is some kind of pattern that I am not catching on to? I am suspicious of YET another ear infection and maybe his cheeks just get worse when his ears are infected? His reflux seems to defiantly peek when he has ear infections(or maybe the reflux causes the infection...still debating that one) I really don't know! I guess today I am just aggravated(I do have a sinus infection so cut me a little slack :)) and feeling a little sympathetic for Camden. His young life has been tougher than I think he should have to deal with. Between the REFLUX, Eczema, and Ear Infections the baby just doesn't get a break. Can you imagine his point of you? I bet he thinks life is pretty crappy right now, but thankfully once he outgrows all this stupid stuff he will see life in a whole new, BETTER light I hope!

Ok, Ok, enough complaining. On a happier note, Carson was in the ROSE BUD parade last night and boy was he ever cute! He was so excited when he saw Mommy, Daddy, Meme, Papa, and really the WHOLE Godwin crew cheering him on! His little face just LIT up and he started waving his flag like you've never seen! You could tell he was super proud of himself and we were sure proud of him too!!! This weekend I think I am going to spend ALL DAY SATURDAY working on using the potty! I know he is smart enough, but I am a little apprehensive because Carson is what we like to call a "Hard Headed Child." Once he has it in his mind he isn't going to do something, try all you want but the child just isn't going to do it. A good example is lets say eating something he doesn't want to eat! No matter HOW long I make him sit in his booster seat and tell him he has to at least eat a few bits, he won't! He will sit there forever and never even take one bite! So, this should be a fun new challenge to say the least! Any advice?

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I've come to the realization that I have a blessed, awesome life. That I have everything I need and most of what I want. It doesn't get much better than that

I've come to the realization that I have two amazing, healthy, beautiful, little boys. They have their moments, but for the most part are well-behaved and have made my life brighter than I could of possibly ever imagined.

I've come to the realization that my husband might-as-well be PRINCE CHARMING. No, he doesn't ride in every afternoon on a white horse, but he saves me from myself and stupid decisions ALL THE TIME! He isn't PERFECT but he is perfect for me and I am pretty darn lucky to have him I think!

I've come to the realization that you need to pick your battles in life. There is ALOT worth fighting for, but also alot that is just better left alone. You can spend your whole life arguing about stupid stuff, but then you miss out on all the GREATNESS!

I think I have just realized more lately than ever, that I am one very lucky girl. That I am surrounding by great friends and family, and my life is going exactly where I want it to be! I am just loving life all of the sudden and it feels GOOD!

Here is a SHORT version update of what has been going on lately

My mom and sister have been here for 8 days and just left yesterday morning! I miss them already. I think every time they come I find it harder for them to leave! I wish I could have them here ALL THE TIME, but I know that can't happen. We had a marvelous Easter full of God, good food, and family and friends! Couldn't have asked for a better day!!

Camden had his 9 month check up yesterday as well. Little bear(as we so lovingly call him) is so fitting for him. Like for example: he is ABOUT as big as a bear cub, weighing in at now 23lbs lol! And he is TALL too, in the 90th percentile for height to be exact, 30 1/4 inches LONG! Oh and just as I can imagine little bears do, he GROWLS at me in between bites of food, letting me know he is STILL hungry. Yes, I think LITTLE BEAR is very suiting for him! Good news, his ear has cleared up! His Dr. said he still have a little fluid in his right ear, but we will just PRAY it turns back into nothing more! We had the TUBES talk, and I think we have come to the agreement that we will wait and see. He said he feels that if Camden continues getting them through spring that we should defiantly go ahead with the tubes, and I think I am at peace with that. I can't be selfish and let Camden just live in pain and discomfort. It's strange because although his Dr. said his ears are clear, he still continues to pull on his right one like he does when its bothering him. Maybe that has just become a habit at this point? Who knows!

Well my Carson doodle will be in his FIRST Rose Bud parade this year with his school. I am SUPER excited, and SUPER sad at the same time because I won't even be there to see it. I have school that night! :(
I am hoping to maybe somehow work around this, but if not I have made Derek to promise to take tons of pics for me!

Hmm...guess I have nothing left to say

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The case of the MONSTER ear infection

Once upon a time, in a land that happens to be in the deep south, there lived a little baby boy named Camden. Camden was no ordinary little baby boy, he was chunky legged, and bright blue eyed, and he stole the heart of anyone he met.....

No seriously...Camden has yet ANOTHER ear infection. Well I say it's another ear infection, but here is the real LOWDOWN!...Ok from what the Dr. said Camden got his first ear infection at about 4 months old. It was a double ear infection which with an oral antibiotic cleared up on the left but not the right. Two weeks later we were BACK at the Dr. getting a stronger antibiotic that cleared the right up. About a month later an infection was built up in the right again which didn't respond well to the antibiotic they gave me, so again I had to go to a stronger one which cleared it up. Then came the third ear infection in the right ear right which took THREE rounds of antibiotics to clear up. Now, we have this ear infection which the Dr's are NOW assuming is the same ear infection he has had for over a month now which is NOT responding at all to antibiotics, again its in the RIGHT ear. I guess the reason I said he has had 8 ear infections is because technically he has, but some of them are just the SAME old infection that is terribly stubborn and won't go away.

My regular Ped. Dr. wasn't there, so I will see him next Friday when they recheck Cam's ear. The Dr. I did see was VERY helpful though and said that basically Camden's ear doesn't seem to respond well to antibiotics and if this continues he could have some temporary hearing problems(he said don't be alarmed they aren't permanent). He said babies that constantly have ear infections tend to hear things muffled and can have speech delays, but he said hopefully we won't even get to that with Camden. His(this Dr.'s son) got many ear infections, and he said he put off tubes until his son was 18 months old, So I think the man definantly KNOWS his ear problems. If Camden's ear doesn't' respond to this antibiotic he is on now(which is the strongest they can give him) then he will have to get some sort of shot, which I don't know the details of yet...and of course they are already talking tubes!

I am really having an issue with the tube thing, and I am not sure I am comfortable with it at all. I know plenty of babies get them, but the fact that Camden would have to be put to sleep freaks me out. I want to do whats best for him, and knowing he is in pain and uncomfortable is not fair, but at the same time is tubes really the answer.In the end I am going to do what I think is best for Camden because that is who this will be effecting, not me! I guess I will cross that bridge when it comes..but for now I am just going to pray this antibiotic works and that this MONSTER of an ear infection will go away and leave my sweet baby alone!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The definition of love

If this isn't the definition of true, honest, REAL love...I don't know what is.

We didn't make them do this, I just looked in my review and this is what I saw, so naturally I had to snap a picture! Gosh, I hope they stay bonded like this forever. I can't get enough of how cute they are and I just pray they stay close like this! I am now starting to see having Camden was so much more than just a plan God had for me. It was also a plan to give Carson his very best friend! :)

Speaking of Camden, he is sick again. When I say sick I mean this hack cough, miserable eyes, bright red cheeks, non sleeping, and feverish sick. I hate to even UDDER these words, because I really, really, really don't even want them to be true but I am bombarded with the thought of yet ANOTHER ear infection due to the fact he is pulling the mess out of his right ear and crying. I dont know what to do at this point because this will be like the 8th one and the poor child is only 8 months old! Tubes is NOT where I want to go but I am not sure what my other options are. I do know one thing, Camden can't live on antibiotics forever especially when they don't seem to be working! Anyways, just pray this all ends soon and poor baby Camden gets some relief!