Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The best things in life

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day!! Even thought I didn't spend barely ANY time outside....I know from the few moments I did spend outside that it was just one of those days you pray for! I am hoping this weather trend continues and that fall is here to stay!! I adore fall and winter and everything that entails! I love the color of the leaves during fall, the cool afternoons, NO HUMIDITY, pumpkins, the colors ORANGE AND BROWN, and then all the christmas colors, the lights, the smile on everyone's(well ALMOST everyones) faces, the family time, the great food...Ok I know I am going on and on....but its one of the best things in life.

Another one of the best things in life is surrounding yourself with good people! At the risk of sounding completely dorky...I feel like a completely blessed women to have the friends I have in life! Its nice to have people who you can talk to and relate to you in life and I have some great girlfriends for sure!!! Ok so this is probably going to sound so corny, but this past year I have met someone who is so special to me! I know that God put her in my life for a reason and I am so thankful for her! She has become my best friend and I know it was NO mistake that we were brought into each others lives! I feel like I have known her my whole life, even though I haven't and we just have so much in common that its almost scary sometimes! I know that she is someone who will be in my life for a very long time and I am just blessed to have met her and that God has given me such a special friend! I love ya Aaron!! :-)

Another great thing in life is unexpected surprises. Like the sweet card my hubby brought home today! I know sometimes with LIFE and KIDS it's easy to forget about doing sweet little things for each other, but today he just made me whole day with his simple gesture! I didn't have to hint around or ask..he just did it because he thought of me and that is what is so special!! Sweet little things like that are some of the BEST things in life!!

Yep, you can see how blessed you are when you just open your eyes and are thankful for the things that money just can't buy!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Let's agree to disagree

OK, I want some feedback with this post other MOMMIES! Let me start by saying I love my husband DEARLY! Before we had children, I can remember sitting up late at night and talking about our views on parenting and what kind of things we would and wouldn't let our children do. It was so amazing because we both felt almost the exact same way on so many issues, and that was just more reassurance for me that we were just mean to be. To me, that is one of the most important things you can hope for in a spouse, is someone who shares the same(at least mostly) views and ideas about parenting and raising children. Don't get me wrong, NO ONE can agree on everything. I totally am not oblivious to the fact that inevitably there will be things that we differ on, but for the most part we see eye to eye on just about all things that involve our children. What happens though when something in thrown in the mix and you have different opinions on it though? Funny you should ask....because that is EXACTLY what happened in the Godwin house. Fortunately for us, its a very minor issue lol other wise I don't think I would be blogging about it. Maybe my girlfriends(or guys friends if you read this blog) can give me your feedback and say what YOU do in your family for these type of situations! :-)

My husband and I were raised totally different. He grew up in a very religious home and had a personal relationship with God. Although, I grew up believing in God, and my mom never discouraged us from going to church, we rarely ever did. I want our children to be close with God, and so I am choosing to raise them like my husband was raised. I love how much my husband loves the Lord and I am so thankful that my boys will have such a great example to look up to! I know that I have Derek to thank for the closeness I have with God today, and he truly was my saving grace. Since Derek grew up so close to God, I usually don't question his motives if he tells me he would prefer the boys not watch certain cartoons or movies because he feels they are evil or "new age." Last night however I was reading the boys a book I grew up reading and always thought was cute and Derek said,"He thinks the book is not good for the kids and wants me to throw it away!" I have to say I do NOT agree with him and although the book has some strange looking characters in it, I do NOT think its evil. Maybe a little out there at best, but certainly NOT evil. Here is where I want feedback mommies/or daddies! What do you do in your family when situations arise like this? DON'T get me wrong, we aren't FIGHTING about this or MAD at each other, I just think it will be nice to hear what other families do when the mom and dad agree to disagree??

Ok now on a lighter note...I will wrap this up with some pictures that are SURE to make you smile! SILLY BOYS!!!

This is how Camden drives his boat!

And if you remember in my last post I said Carson likes to do things in his own "special" way....another PRIME example!

These two little boys REALLY love each other!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Because I am a RANDOM sort of person!

Yes, you guessed it! Another blog full of a bunch of RANDOMNESS(is that a word? Oh well...it is now!)!!!

*First- THANK YOU ALL for the prayers for my father in law. Although it was determined he had a stroke, he is doing so amazingly well! Our family KNOWS this is due to the prayers of all of you! He is walking very slowly, and relearning how to use his left side, but that is a true BLESSING compared to how bad it could have been!! I know it is hard for him not being able to do all the things he is used to doing everyday(like driving) but he is lucky he has lots of friends and family more than willing to take him anywhere he needs or wants to go! His physical therapist seems extremely confident that he will regain all the feeling in his left side and be able to go back to doing all the things he used to do!

Ok now I will randomly switch to a totally DIFFERENT topic...HAIR

*I recently came across some pictures I have of Carson when he was Camden's age. Here he is Honestly, have you ever seen anything more adorable........... or BALD! I almost forgot how little hair he had until I saw this picture! That boy REALLY couldn't of been any balder! Thank goodness for him he had the most PERFECTLY round head, and being bald was just part of his very special personality! Although Camden doesn't have the HEAD full of hair I thought he would have at this age, he has enough for a "baby hawk" as we call it at our house, and I think it is just too darn CUTE on him lol ! He obviously has a good bit more hair than Carson did at this age, and its darker too! Never did I EVER think I would have a blonde child, but that is exactly what Carson is. He has the prettiest sandy blonde hair, and again its just part of Carson being his special little self! One thing I DID imagine though is that I would have a curly haired child. Alot of people don't know this about me, but I have naturally curly hair, I just straighten it almost everyday! Derek's hair is actually pretty curly too, but since he is a man and keeps it short, you can't tell! It is QUITE obvious a certain little boy I know just may end up with curls too. Can you guess who?
Yes indeed, that is my Carson Doodle! His hair(now that he has some) is curly and I honestly think it is adorable! I am planning to let it grow for a little while! I mean it took his THIS long just to get what you see in those pictures, and I want to enjoy it for a little while before I have to take him for his first hair cut. Just thinking about it makes me sad and a little nervous. He will be at least 3 before that happens, but seeing as he has never even seen someone getting their haircut or had one himself, he will probably think we are CRAZY and wonder what the HECK we are trying to do to him! Guess that will be a memory to write down in his baby book! I don't think I know ANYONE with a 3 year old that is JUST getting their first haircut, but what can I say, Carson has always been a child to do things in a special way...guess this is just one more thing that makes him so unique!

Time for another RANDOM switch lol

*Poor Camden has had an upset stomach since Sunday. I typically try not to get worked up about these kind of things because as long as he isn't dehydrated there isn't a whole lot you can do for that sort of thing. I did the normal routiene for this type of thing, bland foods, pedialyte, cut back on the fruits, etc. Its kind of one of those "Just let it run its course" sort of thing! We had some pretty BADDDDD diapers to say the least, and the topping on the cake was Wednesday morning when I went to get him out of bed(I heard him in his room crying) and not only was HE covered in poop, but so was his bed, blanket and froggy. Usually, I bath both the boys at night before bed, but Camden needed one FIRST thing on this morning. So I stripped him down and put him in. I ran and threw his jammies in the laundry room, and when I headed back into the bathroom, this is what I saw Now, I knew Camden wasn't that short, but what in the world was he doing. Upon CLOSER examination I realized he was laying out like he was at the beach or something lol If you are wondering what that is on his butt, its eczema. Poor baby can't seem to shake that stuff, and I can imagine having an ITCHY butt must be miserable! Isn't that the cutest little naked booty you have ever seen though??? I think his behind was so raw he didn't want the water touching it, but I had to snap a picture of his cuteness!!!

Ok Random AGAIN!
*Carson can do a FLIP! I know, I know, what is so amazing about that? Well..nothing really..but its just cool that he is learning to do things that he couldn't do before, and its a FIRST for him. Here he goes......

And last but not LEAST randomness
*I got an email from GAP this week saying they were having an online casting call for the next faces of baby gap 2010! No question, I knew I needed to enter the boys! Obviously, I am biased but let me give YOU all just a few reasons why they should win....Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D

I think those are some of the most beautiful children I have EVER seen and can TOTALLY see them being the NEXT faces of baby Gap! Ok lol so Yea I know every parent probably thinks this about their child..but it could happen right?

Ok enough rambelings and randomness for tonight :-)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Alot to be THANKFUL for and alot to PRAY about!

I have so much to be thankful for Lord and I know that! I am so thankful for my beautiful house, my hard working husband, and my healthy, silly little boys! I am OH so thankful for Carson's sweet little heart! I love the way he has the most kind personality sometimes! Last night as I tucked him in he said, "I love you mommy" Of course I responded with "I love you more!" and he said, "I love you more mommy!" ...as I walked out of the room he must of said," Mommy I love you!"10 more times!" Even after I had closed the door, I could still hear him in there professing his love to me! I would periodically walk by and suffice him with an I love you too, but that sweet boy shouted his "I love you's" until he fell asleep!! Goodness Lord, I am so thankful for his little love! I am just as greatful for my silly little Camden! I am oh so in love and thanful for his little scrunched up nose! He makes the most adorable face when he is super happy or mad and I love it! He scrunches up his little nose and its just adorable...see? It is that little face that makes my heart skip a beat! He has the most contagious laugh too!!! Its just about the cutest noise I have ever heard!!! Thank you so much Lord for giving me these two very special little boys!!!

I am SOOOOO Thankful that school is DONE for the quarter! I seriously am in need of a break and I think its well deserved, especially since I will be ending this quarter with two A's and a B! I feel like that is a big accomplishment for someone who has as much going on in life as I do!! I have done the best job I can do and I am just PRAYING I get accepted into the nursing program! I have completedall my core classes and I have submitted everything I need to be accepted. I won't know for sure if I have been accepted until possibly as last as December and the nursing Program starts January...PRAY FOR FAVOR PLEASE! I feel like I have worked very hard. I have a GPA of 3.6- which = 3 A's and 2 B's and I scored high on the nursing entrance exam so I am just hoping I have God's favor and everything works in his perfect plan for me!!!

ok, now I think its time to ask for something a little more important. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for my father in law. As many of you are aware, Derek's dad has been through so much lately! Last year he overcame stage 4 lung cancer, and now he is going through a whole new thing and we just aren't sure what is happening at the moment. For the last few months Derek's dad has been having dizzy spells. He will get very dizzy and sometimes he is doing nothing but just sitting down. WEll he had set up an appt to see his Dr.(the appt was supposed to be today) and yesterday(Sunday) Derek's mom called us while we were at at birthday party and asked Derek to come right away, she explained that his daddy was having a horrible dizzy spell and that he had been laying on the couch for over an hour and couldn't get up! Derek and I (along with the kids) rushed to his house, about 5 mins before we got there his mom called again and said for him to get there QUICK because his dad was starting to shake, and was kind of crumpled over! Derek FREAKED and put the petal to the floor(thank you GOD for your protection)! When we got there, Derek's dad couldn't get up and Derek and his brother in law Scott had to CARRY his dad out of the house and into the truck! Derek told me to follow him to the hospital and off we went! Poor Derek's mom was crying and the whole family was just a nervous wreck! When we got to the hospital and Derek tried to get his daddy out of the truck, he again could bare no weight on his legs and just crumpled really out of the car. My sweet husband is now sobbing at this point and just hearbroken seeing his daddy like this! They immediately took him back and ran many test, all with no answers. They admitted him over night and he is STILL completely numb on his left side of the body! At this point the nuerologist is saying he feels a stroke is the cause, but he said he will NOT stop until he has a certain answer as to what is wrong. We all had a very hard time seeing Derek's dad in this condition. He was and still is NOT acting himself. He is doing very strange things and moving his body without even knowing what he is doing. PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM!!!!! He is really an amazing man, and loved by many. He is Carson's very best friend and it would just devistate all of us if something happens to him!!! I know God is in control and that he is wrapping his arms around our family right now, but this is just a very scary time for us and we need all the uplifting and prayers we can get! I will keep everyone updated as we know more!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Our weekend with the FLU

It all started Friday morning. Derek was getting Carson ready to go to school( I call it school, I guess its really daycare. They do learn lots so humor me and call it school too lol) . Anyways, back to what I was saying...Ahemmmm... so Derek was getting Carson ready for school and I could hear Carson crying and not being his normal happy self. Although I do not have school on Friday, I usually use that day to get all the things I cannot get done during the week. I typically do alot of cleaning and studying on those days and I have Cam here with me. I got up out of bed and Derek said to me, " I don't think Carson is feeling good, maybe he should stay home with you today!" I could just look at Carson and tell Derek was right. I felt his forehead and he didn't feel warm, but I asked Carson if he would like to stay home and go back to sleep with mommy, and he said, "yes!" So, it was off to sleep we went. We slept until about 8:30 and then got up to eat some breakfast. Carson and Cam played and Carson seemed in a much better mood than the first time he woke up. He had a strange dry cough, but nothing I would even think to worry about. About 10:30 I noticed Carson was very quiet. Him and Camden were watching cartoons, and I looked at Carson and it was unmistakable. His little face was beat red, his eyes puffy and swollen, and I felt his head...HE WAS BURNING UP! I took his temp. and sure enough 102.8! It all happened so fast. I immediately gave him tylenol and called the Ped. center. They told me to bring him in around 1:15. I hurried and got all of us ready and then dropped Cam off at his Meme's house. Those of you with two children can agree, two babies in a Dr's office is more than alot of work, its exhausting. Plus, I knew Carson needed his mommy's undivided attention. We got to the Dr. they brought us right back and took his temp. Even after the tylenol it was still high, infact it had increased to 103.1! The Dr. took one look at Carson and said, "Mom, I hate to tell you this but I can almost guarentee you he has the flu." Then he proceeded to say, "And there is a very good chance its H1N1(better known as the SWINE Flu)" I sat there and just was shocked. How in the WORLD did my baby get the swine flu. The swabbed his nose(which was NOT an easy task, he wasn't HAVING it at all) and we waited for the results. Sure enough, he tested positive for both flu A and Flu B- which is a sure sign of swine flu. The dr. wrote us a prescription for Tamiflu and sent us home with the fear of knowing this is very easily spreadable!

The first night was pretty bad. Carson was miserable. His fever was up and down and he would look at his daddy and I with the most pitiful face and say, "Mommy , Daddy...I don't feel good....I HURT!" He had me in tears several times. It is hard hearing that sweet voice tell you how bad they feel. Cam seemed to be weathering fine and I just held out hope that JUST maybe he would be spared. Keeping them seperated with impossible though. They are brothers and love to be around each other. I did my best, but it wasn't easy. We let Carson sleep with us that night because his fever was around 104 and not breaking and we were just worried sick about him. It didn't hurt either that he BEGGED to sleep with us. It was a ROUGH night to say the least. He spent most of the night coughing and his daddy and I spent most of the night tossing and turning. Here is Carson probably at his sickest, laying in Mommy's lap

Saturday we all got up and it was obvious that no matter the precautions, it had gotten to Cam too! Same dry cough, puffy eyes and red face. I felt his head, sure enough he was warm. I immediately called the Ped center and they were nice enough to just go ahead and call Tamiflu in to the pharmacy for Camden. No need to see him, it was quite obvious what was wrong with him. I think Saturday was the hardest, both boys were needing their mommy, and Derek had to work. I did the best I could, I made them both as comfortable as possible, and kept them hydrated. I knew Camden had to be feeling pretty bad because he had absolutely NO desire to eat. Anyone who knows him knows this is NOT him at all. That boy EATS any chance he is given. Guess I need to just say, THANK GOD FOR PEDIALYTE. When Derek got home it took a big load of me, I was able to hop in the bath and run to town to grab Cam's meds and stock up on more pedialyte and motrin. By that night Carson was doing better. He was still running a fever, and acting kind of puney, but he wasn't lethargic anymore and was moving around a little better. Camden on the other hand was the sickest I have ever seen him. He was burning up and just looked pitiful. He layed in my lap or his daddy's and just moaned. It was pretty heart wrenching. His daddy and I prayed over him and just ask God to give his little body some relief. Around 7ish I took his temp and it was 103. I dosed him with tylenol and gave it a little time. After an hour still no change so I gave him motrin and again waited. By 9:30 it was still 103 and I was getting worried, so I broke out the rags, got them cool and put them on his head. Here he is sitting with daddy, trying to get his fever to break
I am not sure it ever did, but he feel asleep I must of held him for a few hours and just listened to him breathe. I honestly felt helpless, and my mommy instincts were having a hard time accepting that I couldnt fix this or make it all better.

This morning(Sunday) Carson was almost back to his old self. He was running a low grade fever, but his silly little spirit was renewed and it was very relieving! My little bear on the other hand was still burning up and I wasn't really sure his fever had ever broken from the night before. His daddy just held him and rocked him and it was pitiful just listening to him whimper. I again dosed him up with some tylenol and waited. After an hour had went by and nothing had changed I was ready to load him up and head to the ER. I couldn't stand to sit there and watch my baby be so miserable. After going back in fourth in my head though, I reasoned with myself and came to the conclusion that taking him there would probably be a waste. I knew there was nothing they could really do for him. I knew I could do just as much as they could here at home and he would probably be alot more comfortable here too. Since Carson was feeling better he was my little helper boy. He fed Camden some rainins for me see

As the afternoon has progressed, God has answer our prayers and BOTH boys are feeling better. Their fevers are still around 101-102 but they are getting their energy and silly little personalities back. As much as I am so sad this happened to them, it was nice getting to be their MOMMY. They wanted me, they wanted my love and affection. Just me sitting and rocking them was medicine to them. Corny as it is, Mommy and Daddy's love helped them get better. There is NO better feeling in the world than knowing you are someones hero and protector and this weekend made me just thank God that I am these sweet boys mommy! Unfortunantly, I am not feeling so good now, but I will push through and just be thankful my baby boys are OK! :-)

This is them NOW, watching some Dora, and feeling much better!