Thursday, March 26, 2009

Well I officially........

Have a crawler! I knew this day was coming, but I guess you can say I am being a "proud mommy" right now and braggin on my baby boy a little bit! Thought I'd share this sweet video!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Camera Hams

So without a doubt Camden is a camera ham! I started noticing it a few months ago when I would break out the camera and he would instantly start cheesing. Last night we had some friends over(well they are family too) and they have a son(Brice) who is Camden's second cousin. Brice and Camden are only about 6 weeks apart, so we find it fun to get them together and see how they react towards each other. When they came over, the boys just sort of stared at each other at first, and then they started doing things that would make the other smile or giggle! I wanted to catch this cuteness on camera, but about that time they both started to fuss!...See....

this is Brice

And of course this is Camden

But they quickly realized the Camera was out and I swear, in all of about 5 seconds they turned from crying babies, to smiling posing models haha see :

Camden even had to throw in his "Studly pose" and If I tried to get a picture of just Brice, Camden would have to sneak his self in somehow!

"Studly Man Cam"
And Mr. Sneaky
So maybe I have discovered the answer to every mother's biggest question? On those sleepless nights when your bundle of joy is screaming their little head off and nothing you do seems to please them...just whip out the old camera and either you will hush them up or get some pretty funny pictures....either way I think its worth a try lol!
Ok one more very cute example of Camden's camera obsession lol. After all the excitement last night, he was very sleepy and started falling asleep in daddy's lap. He was hunched over looking extremely uncomfortable but cute, so I decided to get a quick picture:
But as soon as that little booger sensed or maybe heard the camera click he jumped up ready to pose!...SEE ..................
Does someone think they are to cute for their diaper of WHAT?!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Those three little words and back with a vegeance

I know this may sounds silly, but I swear Derek and I have been waiting for the first time Carson could/would actually say the words, "I LOVE YOU." We have been telling him we love him since before he was born and although we were quite certain he loved us back, we actually wanted to here him say it. I used to work with him by doing the I(and pointing to my eye), Love(and pointing to my heart) and YOU(of course pointing to him). He sort of grasped that concept but could never get the LOVE part down. So it ended up just being I---You! Last night, as I was cleaning the kitchen, Carson strolls in and we starting doing hi fives. Then I say, "Carson I love you" and he without hesitation looks at me and says, "I Wuv you!"(Which sounded more like I Wuvv Ewww) You probably can't even imagine how excited I got! I grabbed him, hugged him and took him directly to Derek and made him see for himself! Derek was equally as pleased as I was, and we both grabbed Carson and just hugged and kissed him like crazy!! Who knew those three little words would sound soo sweet coming from that little mouth!

Well Camden's red cheeks are back with a vengeance! I am not really sure what to do at this point. I know it very well could be a food irritating it worse, but I really am not thinking that is it. Besides that, I wouldn't even know where to start on trying to figure it out because he eats so many differen't things now. I am just at a loss right now as to what else to try. They got better for about two days and then they started progressively getting worse again! My poor baby. He has been EXTREMELY fussy for about 4 days now too! Infact ,I was awoken last night at 1a.m to him screaming hysterically. I went to check on him and he was just sobbing in his little bed and I still have no clue what was wrong! My mommy instinct keeps telling me his ear infection isn't gone, so I decided if he is still fussy today than we are going to the Dr. Might also be his reflux which is acting up particularly bad recently. I know this may sound horrible or selfish, but can I tell you how tired of I am cleaning up throw up? It seems like I am on the floor scrubbing the carpet every 10 mins. I can't imagine how tired Camden must be of actually being the one to throw up. Poor little guy, he probably thinks throwing up is just a part of everyday life, and when you are born that is just the natural thing to do. Fortunantly for him, I know its not, and one day he will be healed of this junk and NOT have to deal with that icky feeling any longer! PLEASE let that day come sooner than later!

The WHOLE Godwin family could use some prayers right now. I am really not allowed to say why at the moment, but when the time is right all will be revealed I am sure. Just please pray for our family because we sure need it! Also, I have finals this week so could you lend a prayer towards that too lol!?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

So the verdict is.....

Well like promised, I took Camden to the Dr. yesterday(Friday) and let me start by saying he weighed a WHOPPING 22lbs! Yes that is right. At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but no he really really weighs it, and I am feeling every pound lately when I carry him! Anyways, back to the important stuff here. Well the Dr. said he defiantly thinks the rosey red cheeks are eczema, but he said the reason they are so beat read, and bleeding is because its really infected! He explained to me how eczema causes your skin to be super dry and when his skin cracks like it has, its prone to get bacteria inside. I guess that is what happened, so he told me to wash his face several times a day with a mild soap(like dove or dial) and keep hydrocortizone cream on it, and also gave me an antibiotic for the infection and his EAR! That is right I said ear! The poor fellow had a pretty bad ear infection in his right ear and mommy didn't even realize it! I actually had mentioned to Derek last week that I thought he may have an ear infection because I kept noticing him pull on that ear, but I just chalked it up to teething because I knew he was getting a new tooth in as well. Glad I ended up taking him to the Dr! Its so strange though because Camden wasn't fussy or running a fever like you would imagine he would be with an ear infection, but today he is terribly fussy and has been running a fever all day long! Its weird how these things work. Well that is all for now, off to tend to a sick baby!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just some random thoughts!

So a few weeks ago I am watching tv and a commercial comes on, and without really paying all that much attention to what I look up and notice a women breastfeeding! This of course caught my curiosity and I was then totally intrigued as to what in the world this was all about! Turns out, Medela has started promoting breastfeeding(and of course THEIR products) on tv! Can I even tell you how awesome I think this is? For those who don't know(which I am sure most do) I am a PRO breastfeeding mom, and I like to think I advocate it. No, I don't walk around with Pickett signs screaming breastfeeding to the world, but I find myself trying to encourage anyone I see or hear that is pregnant lol! To see this commercial on TV in my opinion is GENIUS! To be honest I can't say I have ever seen a commercial about breastfeeding before, but I know this is the first step in the right direction! I can't seem to understand how people can turn there nose at breastfeeding. Don't get me wrong please, I know people who formula feed, infact I am now one of them so I am NOT against it. It is a woman's prerogative as to how she chooses to feed her child, but for someone to say breastfeeding "GROSSES THEM OUT!" and yes I have had a women say that to me before, sorry but that just FLOORS ME! How can doing something your body was designed to do, gross you out? Do you think it is a fluke accident that there just happens to be milk coming out of your body? HELLO, how much more awesome can God get, than designing our bodies to not only be able to GROW babies, but also to feed them too? Oh, and the biggest perk, ITS FREE! So please someone explain to me, what is gross about? Like I said before, I am not a formula mom(due to going back to school and alot of ISSUES I had with milk supply) but I gave my son the VERY BEST for 6 months! I worked and worked and worked at making sure I did what was best for him and not what was easiest for me! Just wanted to clear up here, I am not writing this to bash anyone who is or has used formula, that is not my intention at all! I just wanted to share how awesome breastfeeding can be, and my thoughts on how I pray with this new commercial that this will just be a chain of events that makes breastfeeding more "normal" and not so taboo or shameful!

Ok Ok on a lighter note. Moms do you ever just look at your child and feel so lucky they are yours? The other night Carson was doing one of his many very cute things and I just looked up and said, " God, thank you sooo soo soo much for making me Carson's mom. I don't know why you choose me to give this awesome life, but I am forever grateful!" I really meant that too. Carson is such an bright kid. He has a personality like no other and I feel completely and utterly blessed to be his mom. Camden too of course. I don't favor one over the other, but Camden is just growing into his own personality, and Carson has had this big personality that I love for at least a year now and I am so amazed at the little person he has become! Yep, so If you can't tell....I love him!

Now to the Cam man! He has had the weirdest thing going on with his little cheeks, and those who have seen him now what I am talking about(and those that haven't can probably tell in pictures) His cheeks are VERY pink and dry. At first glance it looks like they are wind chapped, but the child barely sees the light of day outside, so I just know that can't be it! He goes to sleep with red cheeks, and wakes up with red cheeks! It doesn't matter how much lotion I goop on the child's face it just won't go away. I lotion him up about 7 times a day(well Derek's mom does probably 3 shifts lol) but no relief. Sometimes they will even start to bleed. Isn't this odd? I did some research on the internet and the only thing I found was Eczema. Carson had Eczema and still has some outbreaks, but never did he have these cheek issues! I think I may end up just checking with his Ped. dr. and see what they have to say! Unless, any of you smart savvy moms have some good advice? See the picture? Haha and excuse the food face, we had just eaten peaches which can be quite messy lol!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Look Who's Crawling Now! (Well ALMOST lol)

That is right. Camden is SO close to crawling and have you EVER seen anyone more happy about it?
Ya, I didn't think so! That is his CRAZY grin by the way lol! Oh and just thought I might throw in do you notice he is sitting up UNASSISTED? Yes, it's true! He is doing that too. Anyways but back to the crawling thing. He is so stinking close to doing it. He gets on his hands and knees and does the whole rocking thing. SEE????????

Part of me has that whole, "mommy is your biggest fan" thing going on, and I am rooting him all the way. Then there is the small part of me that KNOWS once he starts crawling, that is it. There will be no going back and from that point forward he will be MOBILE! I am so proud of the little guy though, I get so excited when I see those little knees go up and reguardless of how I may be feeling, he is going to crawl and I have to accept Camden is growing into his own little self! Speaking of growing, the boy weighs 20lbs and 5ozs! I know! Can you even believe it? He is catching up to Carson MIGHTY quick! Carson was only about 17lbs at this age so Camden is quite a LOAD to carry right now! Now that he is sitting independently I think I will be putting that old infant carrier in storage! I am so sick of that thing anyways, because carrying him in it is carrying 30lbs and it is getting old very fast!

I am sure you are already all aware of this, but I LOVE MY CARSON! He is turning into such a sweet little boy(not that he wasn't already sweet)! For no reason, he will just come up to me and give me a kiss, say "BYE", and then run and hop on Mater(the infamous) and take off around the house! I love those moments. I so look forward to the day he can actually say the words, "I LOVE YOU" he just hasn't mastered the LOVE part yet, but he has the I and you part perfect! He is such a blessing and I am so very thankful for him!

This weekend was nothing special, but I did manange to talk my hubby into taking me to Target and Kohls(two of my very favorite places.) The kids needed some Pjs desperately, and I was hoping to find some good deals on them! I was dissapointed in Target to say the least(that is rare words to hear me say by the way) I did find Carson some there. They were on clearance and I got two pairs for $11. Camden on the other hand was alot tougher to buy for. He is really too big to wear 9 month pjs so I was in the market for 12months. I am a huge fan of the one piece sleepers with the feet in them, because they are so easy to just put on and snap up, but couldn't not find ANY in 12months. All I saw as far as 12 month pjs go at target, was the two piece top and pants and there were $13 a pair. NO THANKS, too expensive for me! So I headed over to Kohls (they always are having some kind of sale) and although I still couldn't find any "feety" pjs as I call them in 12 months, they were having a sale on their carters pjs. I got him two pair, which each pair consisted of a top, pants, and shorts, for $20. I felt that was a little better of a deal. They are so cute too! I went ahead and got 18 months so he would be able to wear them for a while, and to my shock they actually fit pretty decent now! Kind of makes me wonder because I am the type of person who plans ahead, and when the winter stuff went on sale I bought Camden some 18 month clothes( because that is how old he should be next winter). I am starting to think now, maybe that wasn't such a great idea because they might not even fit. Oh well, I am sure I can find someone to give them too if that time comes!

Well I am off to be shamefully lazy today! I only have one child here with me and I think him and I will not even bother changing out of our jammies for a little while. We will just lounge around and do not much of anything! :)