Saturday, February 21, 2009

I believe in children teaching parents

I always find it so amazing how much my children teach me. Like patience for example. On days when I feel I am going to pull my hair out because there are not enough hours to accomplish everything I have on the "to do" list, and Carson comes to me with a book and says " Book mommy, book!" and my first reaction is to say," Not right now, I am busy!" But then I look down at that little face, and suddenly it hits me. JUST BE PAITENT, everything will get done eventually, maybe not today, but with patience and time it will come together. Other days my children teach me forgiveness. Somedays Carson gets mad with Camden and viceversa. It's funny to think at this young age, they would have anything to fight about but they do. Carson usually gets mad at Camden for stealing one of his toys, and Camden usually gets mad at Carson for trying to "Love" him a little tooo much! When I see Carson getting aggravting with Camden, I say "Carson, now we have to share. Tell brother you are sorry for snatching that toy away from him." And Carson will go and hug and kiss Camden and they are right back to being best buddies again. Watching that, it makes me realize us GROWN UPS need to forgive a little more quickly and get over it. If children can figure this out, why can't we? It was so cute. Just today, I had put Carson down for his nap. About 20 mins went by and I heard him in his room playing. I opened his door and told him it was time to lay down and go to sleep. 15 mins or so later, I thought I heard him playing again. When I went to open the door, this is what I found!

Carson had fallen asleep in his bed, reading his bible! How precious is that? It made me think, if he can make time for God, shouldn't we all! I am soo glad I have my kids around to remind me of the little things in life that truly matter!
I can't believe I only have about 3 weeks left in this quarter of school! Man has it flown by. I found out next quarter I will be forced to take a night class 2 nights a week, and I am not looking forward to that! I was hoping to avoid that at all costs, but it looks like I have no choice. It is the only time they offer that class and I need it for my degree! The class is from 5-8:30 p.m. on Tues and Thurs, and I truly am a little torn up about it because that is two nights I won't be here to tuck my babies into bed. That also mean just a little more of a load on Derek(the poor man already has enough on his shoulders supporting the 4 of us) but he says he is up for the challenge! It will be an adjustment, but I just have to keep telling myself that a quarter only last 10 weeks, and I can do it! I am sure God will have to work extra hard on giving me grace during this time because I will sure need it!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's the thought that counts!

Ok ladies, and well I guess gentlemen too although I am not quite sure how many gentlemen read this blog lol? Anyways.... let's face it, Derek is NOT the most romantic of guys. Most of the time I am having to hint that I would like something, and it's a rare occasion that he just gets a whim and goes and purchases something without my little PUSH. This valentine's day I knew the money situation, and we had agreed that we would just get each other a card and that would be enough. We planned to go to a Valentine's dinner at the church and that was going to be our celebration this year. Nothing special, just being together and thanking God for keeping us glued and strong through these hard times. To my shock, Derek managed to pull something romantic off withouth me even KNOWING! Yesterday, he woke me up with a card and a small box of chocolates(already more than I expected). Then a little after lunch I tell him I am going to take a warm bath and he asks if he can run my water for me(TOTALLY not typical of him) so I say,' Umm ok sure!" When he calls me in to tell me the bath is ready, I go into the bathroom and find a bathtube full of bubbles and rose petals! My heart totally melted! I thought wow, how sweet of him. Then he topped OFF my day by taking me to my FAVORITE place, MORI japaneese steak house! The kids came along because to us they are our little Valentine's too (haha plus we weren't going to try and push our kids off on someone on Valentine's day) Althought we didn't have a ton of money, he made the day super special with his thoughtful ideas. Guess I will have to say he kind of left me feeling bad all I got him was a card, but I did give him a GOOD long back massage last night for all his efforts! :)

I meant to add this to my blog last week, but I totally forgot and it's big news!!! Guess who doesn't use a paci anymore?!... THIS BOY!

After two years, it is gone. Honestly, I think I made it a bigger deal than it was. I won't lie I was terrified of what would happen. Carson was pretty attached to his paci. It was his little source of comfort. I think to be perfectly straight with you, the thought of taking it away and him being up all hours of the night screaming and begging me for his paci was more than I could take. It's kind of funny how it happened though. One day, I forgot to put it in his backpack to go to school(he got it at nap time only). When I got to school to pick him up that afternoon I asked his teacher how horrible was it that he didn't have it, and she just looked at me and said, "He didn't even notice, he never cried or whinned of anything!" I was shocked! So, I decided I would try to put him to bed that night without it and see what happened. So, that is what I did, and again he didn't cry or anything. He did ask me for it, but I told him it was gone and that he was a big boy now. Praise Jesus, he totally accepted what I said, and ever since he is paci free! That has been about two weeks ago and I am totally in awe of how easily he let it go. Guess that gives me some hope with Camden when his time comes around!

Well got to get ready for church, may everyone have a blessed day!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ok, this sinus stuff is getting OLD!

Well just about everyone I have spoken with in the last week or so has had some weird sinus, coughing thing going on. I have been dealing with it for a week now, and today I woke up and its moved down into my chest! I can feel the burning when I cough and breath! I really, really,really don't want to go to the Dr. so maybe I will just give it a few more days and see where we go from there?

Guess who is 7 months old today? CAMDEN! gosh, its hard to believe 7 months flew by that fast and aren't slowing down anytime soon! He uttered his first "dada" the other night and although I am certain he has no idea what that means, it is cute anyways! I am still waiting on him to sit up good, he has the sitting part down it is just the not falling over part that he hasn't quite mastered yet. I know he will get it with time, but I am so ready for that day to come!

Carson is saying so many new things. I think school has just broaden( his already BIG) vocabulary so much. Derek has this thing where he picks Carson up and throws him in the air and catches him. It is too adorable because when Carson wants Derek to throw him, he will come to Derek and say, " I want to go sky!" I laugh and laugh every time he says it. I love all his new little phrases.

It always amazes me how God knows a persons needs! As I mentioned before, finances are tight these days, but God knows exactly what we need to get by. For example, yesterday Camden was out of formula and he needed baby food. I had exactly $23. I went to walmart grabbed a can of formula, a few jars of baby food and then remembered we were completely out of sugar so I grabbed a bag of that too. When I got up to the register I just knew I was going to have to put a few dollars on my debit card. When the lady hit the total button it was $22.58. God knew just what I needed and made sure I had just enough. I guess he knows how much I need to just get by even before I do! I am praying things are going to really look up soon! We have something that if all goes well could really help us out a ton financially, so please keep praying!!

Well off to get ready for school!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Trying times

I need to ask a big favor of everyone who reads my blog, PLEASE pray for my family(Derek, Carson, Camden, and I). Like everyone else in the United States, our finances are so out of whack and we are truly struggling! It is hard living on one income, but I feel that is all the more reason for me to finish my degree so I can make REAL money one day! I don't want to sound selfish, or ungrateful because honestly I am truly blessed. I have a roof over my head, food on my table, clothes on my back, and two healthy beautiful children. There isn't much more I could want, but paying our bills has become overwhelming, and it has gotten Derek and I both stressed beyond belief! I am putting all my trust in God that he will provide, because he always does! Our tax refund isn't looking too favorable(long story) but it doesn't look like we will get much of anything back. I am trying to stay as positive about the situation as possible, but that can be so trying at times! I am sure alot of you can relate, and it is a struggle for most right now.

I just keep going back to Malachi 3:10

Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in My house, and test Me now in this," says the LORD of hosts, "if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you a blessing until it overflows.

And I have to keep faith in God's word! Even with little money to spare we make sure our tithes are paid and know that God must have some great blessing in store for us soon!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Catching up

I just realized it has been quite a while since I wrote a post. Life is keeping me pretty busy at the moment, and when I do get on this computer I guess I don't have alot of energy to write a blog. I am getting ALOT more sleep these days which is a blessing. It is so strange how it happened, but one night my kids just started sleeping again and ever since its been uphill from there. Camden usually wakes up about 6:30 and I give him a bottle and he goes right back to sleep! I am LOVING it!

School is going good too. I can't believe this quarter is almost half over. It has flew by! I am already debating on what I should try and take next quarter! So far I have managed to keep an A average in both my classes! GO ME!!!

I started taking some workout classes last week. I can't brag enough about all First Baptist does(they have the mother's morning out program). A friend informed me last week that they were starting workout classes 2 nights a week and they provide child care. It only cost $5 and that pays you up for 6 weeks! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! I paid $5, they take care of Camden, and I get to work out for 6 weeks! I find that a God send!!! I won't even sit here and lie, THEY WORK YOU! It is one hour of non-stop moving. I am always terribly sore the next day, but it is so worth it. I have GOT to get this body back in shape! A few of my girlfriends go too, so that makes it even better!

I have the nastiest sinus infection/cold/ SOMETHING? going on. I don't feel good at all! It started a few days ago and hasn't let up since! I am hoping for some relief soon!!! I have heard there is something going around though, because everyone I talk to says they are sick too!! Whatever this mess is it needs to go away now! I would like to breathe again, Thank you!

I have kind of got caught up in reading other peoples blogs. I don't know the women who write them, but I feel like I do. They are so inspiring and heartbreaking at the same time. I find myself laughing, and crying with women who I have never met, and I am so touched by what I read. Two of the women's blogs I read have NICU babies. I came across their blogs through another blog I read about a women who is desperate to have another baby, and throughout 8 miscarriages, and heartbreaking failed adoption has been unsuccessful! One of the NICU's babies mom's, led me to another blog I just recently started reading, about a mom who lost her baby at 38 weeks(pregnant) due to a cord strangulation. Some of you might be thinking, "why would you want to read such tragedy?" and the truth is, I don't know! I am drawn to these women. I find myself just praying for all their situations daily, and hoping the next time I log in to read their blogs that something positive has happened! Although, I can't really relate to their situation, as a women and mother I somewhat can. These women seem far stronger than I can ever imagine being because through all of their trails they still remain positive. Can you imagine loosing a baby 2 weeks before you are set to deliever? Or thinking you are about to bring a precious baby home and then finding out they mother changed her mind about the adoption? Or how about delievering a full term baby, only to have him or her rushed to a NICU where you arent able to hold them for over a week and aren't sure if things are going to get better or worse? I can't, but reading about this makes me realize just how LUCKY I am. I have two healthy, beautiful kids who don't have a care in this world! God is good, and althought I might not always understand his motives, I know he is always there.