Sunday, August 30, 2009

The moments that make my heart SMILE!

In past posts I have blogged about Carson and his non-existent potty enthusiasm. When I first hopped on the potty wagon, I just envisioned Carson knowing exactly what to do, catching on with no problems, and this whole potty thing being a piece of cake. I WAS WRONG! After many packs of pull-ups, a child who had NO interest in going on the toilet whatsoever, and a mom(ME)who was thinking that she'd end up with a 6 year old still in diapers, things were NOT going as planned. After meeting with some other moms at a Breastfeeding group I go too( I know, WEIRD..I don't even breastfeed anymore, but I got attached to the other moms there and haven't been able to ween myself away yet lol) I got some helpful advice, and a new determination. I have heard so many things lately about just letting the child be naked and that way if they do go on the floor they can actually visuialize what exactly they are doing. This is about the LAST thing I wanted to do. I could just SEE myself spending the day scrubbing poopy and pee out of my carpet. With much hesitation though, I knew I needed to give it a try. So Saturday I decided it was now or never. I took off Carson's diaper and put him on his potty. I explained to him that he was a big boy now and no longer needed to wear a diaper. I told him that if he felt the urge that he should go on the potty and not on the floor. Nervous as I was, I just crossed my fingers and prayed for the best! The best is EXACTLY what I got, Carson caught on immediately and only had ONE accident on the floor(and he did it was right next to the potty) other than that, he used the potty everytime he had to go that afternoon! Yes, there is that proud little boys using his potty like a pro! I think Camden wanted in on the action too, but he will have to wait his turn! Sunday, we went to church and I put him in a pullup because we have a strict policy in our church nursery that unless a child is FULLY potty trained they must wear a diaper or pullup! When he had the pullup on not ONCE did he ask to use the bathroom. I was not happy when I heard this, but I expected it because to him a pullup is just a diaper. After church, I went to walmart and bought him a package of new big boy underwear, I was determined not to give up! When he woke up from his nap Sunday, I took off the pullup and showed him what I had bought. Carson was soo excited, they have cars on them and he loves them. Here he is in his new undies! Can you guess what happened after I put those on? NO ACCIDENTS the rest of the day. He went on the potty every single time! Its amazing what not having a diaper or pull ups on has done for him! I don't even have to ask if he needs to go, he just goes to the bathroom, does his stuff, and then comes out and say with the biggest smile, "MOMMY I DID IT!" I am so proud of him! Today, he went off to school in big boy undies. I was slightly hesitant, but I have faith that he will do well. Derek said he didn't pee at all on the way to school and as soon as he walked in the door, he told his teacher he needed to potty! WAY TO GO CARSON! :-)

Other moments that make my heart smile are ones like this When Carson and his daddy are so preciously asleep on the couch! Soo sweet!

Or this When Camden has the cutest, cheesiest, smile on his face!

Yes, I have ALOT of reason for my heart to smile!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Doctor, Doctor...give me the news!

Many of you probably aren't aware that I have been having some medical issues lately! Irregular and sometimes NO periods, tiredness, trouble loosing weight(no matter the constant exercise and dieting), and lots of emotions rising up and crashing down. At first glance these symptoms scream PREGNANCY! EEEEEKKKK! Yea, that is what I thought too. Just the though of being pregnant right now can almost make me burst into tears! Don't get me wrong, we WANT more children, but now is just not the right time! I have so much going on with school and lets not forget I have two BABIES here at home, both still in diapers. Adding a third baby to the mix just is asking for pure chaos! I know something is just not right with my body though. Don't worry I am NOT pregnant! Actually, my Dr. and I very much think it's my thyroid and that is something that hopefully will easily be treated with medication! I won't know for sure that is the problem until Monday, but I did go to my Dr. today and we did the blood work to get a for sure result. I did however rule out that pregnancy is definitely NOT the problem though :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What I LOVE about my life!!!

WARNING: This has the potential to be a long blog! It will be filled with lots of updates and fun things to know about :-)

I(probably like many of you) spend a fair amount of time complaining. It is fair to say that I have moments of weakness when I forget all that I have and start complaining about all that I don't have!! I thought I would post a blog and just layout all I am truly thankful for and give some updates while doing it because its been a few weeks since I blogged!!! I think it would be a neat things for all of you to do too! '

*What I love about my life 1* My FAMILY! :)
I love that I have a hard working husband who is QUITE good looking if I do say so myself, and who is an amazing dad to our kids. I love that I have two little boys who could ALMOST pass for twins, but have such different personalities. I love that although they aren't even CLOSE to being perfect, well behaved children, that they do have a very sweet and loving side! I absolutely LOVE the way they love each other. Just about nothing makes me smile bigger than Carson asking me where is "Bubba" or they way he says, "Cam C'mon, lets go Bubba" when he wants him to come play!

I LOVE God and my church. I love the people there and the good feeling I get when I walk in on Sunday morning. I LOVE LOVE LOVE working in our church nursery. Allot of you are probably thinking after having two kids of my own, why would I want to deal with other peoples, but honestly it isn't like that at all. I am creating bonds with all these children. I love playing with them and watching my children get to interact with them too, and how could you not love moments like THIS one? Two sweet babies snuggled up in my lap? Yes, life is good!

I LOVE(and I mean SERIOUSLY LOVE) Target. I love the way I can spend hours on end in that store and still not be ready to go. I love the dollar bins when you first walk in, and all the cool stuff I find in there. I love their baby clothes, and their women's lounge wear(SOOO CUTE!) and I LOVE that they have a Starbucks there so I can order whatever my little heart desires that day! Weather it be a Mocha Frap, or a Hot Chocolate....*Sigh*Life is SO good!

I LOVE Kohls just about equally as much as Target! I love how I can get my whole family new clothes there and feel soo good about they money I spent. I love how they send me 15-20% off coupons regularly, which gives me a GREAT excuse to cruise on down there and put that savings to use!!!

I love my friends! Life would be so boring without them! I love the way we laugh together about silly things and are always there for each other when we need to be! I love hanging out with them and letting our kids play together. I really am thankful that God has blessed me with such great people in my life! I guess this one won't have a picture because there would be too many friends to put up here, but you all know who you are! :)

As much as I hate to admit this....I LOVE SCHOOL! I know, I know, I am a DORK! I can't help but love how accomplished I feel while I am there. Although it is extremly challenging, time consuming and stressful, I am oh so proud of myself for working so hard to pursue my dreams! *I equally love those nice little BREAKS from school that I get too though :-)......speaking of THOSE is coming up very soon!!!

Guess my point in doing this is just to remind MYSELF mostly how much I have in life that is good! It gets too easy sometimes to focus on the negative and I don't think that is very pleasing to God. I am a lucky girl and I need to remind myself sometimes! :-)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Old Folks

Yall, I truly am OLD. No, I don't look old(infact, I frequently have fellow students GAWK when I say I am married with children, they say I look too young)but deep down I am! I am OLD inside I guess. I never, EVER thought this would be me, but it is and I am embracing it!

Here is why I say I am SO old

Old folks example #1- my husband likes to watch UFC which usually doesn't end until between 12 and 1 a.m. We usually have company over who enjoy watching it with us, but LONG before the fight is over, I have told my company, and my husband good night and am OFF to sleep in my bed! Maybe that seems extremely rude, but it seems extremely RATIONAL to me because no matter how late I choose to stay up, my children will not care and STILL but up by 7:30. I am NOOOOOO fun when I haven't had enough sleep, so I choose to sleep instead of stay up late.

Old folks example #2- I am getting so set in my ways. I find myself needing things to be "just so" and not wanting to conform to anything else.

Old folks example #3- I find myself saying "Kids these days", and, "Back when I was growing up". I mean MY GOODNESS I am 22, not 85. Back when I was GROWIN UP still NOW what in the world am I doing saying these things!

Yep, its official...I AM OLD...Oh shoot..late for Bingo to go!.......... :-)


Saturday, August 1, 2009

The bi-polars of parenting!

I truly hope I am not the only mom out there feeling this way! If you can agree please comment and say AMEN lol

So, today as I am trying to clean my house spic and span, and manage to very active children, I started to realize how being a parent can truly make you seem a little bi-polar. I woke up this morning to two adorable, bright eyed boys who were just as sweet and loving as they could be. I made them breakfast and we laughed and played. We sang songs and did lots of fun snuggle time! I turned on cartoons and my Doodle(carson) said, "Mommy sit and watch Dora." He wanted me to sit with him and snuggle while we watched Dora. I thought my heart would BURST from how much love I was feeling towards my little guys.

I looked around my house and knew cleaning was way over due. I have cleaned my house many times with both boys here, and although it can be challenging, the job gets done. I started with the guest bathroom, because it is very easy to see my living room from there, hence I can see the boys watching cartoons. As I am scrubbing the tub, I realize it is all too quiet and decide to just take a peek at the boys. I see Carson standing in front of the couch, milk carton in hand and I get an overwhelming pit in my stomach. As I round the corner, terror sets in and I find that Carson has hit an all time high with this little stunt he has pulled. You see apparently Carson thinks he is grown and decided to get his cereal bowl and fill it with milk. Even if he had done this at the kitchen table, it would of been bad, but COME ON, why did he have to choose the couch? Are you getting a mental picture yet. Yup, you guessed it, a couch cushion FULL of milk :). Thank goodness I have leather couches, but still clean up was a JOB! That is when the SCREAMING lunatic came into play! I screamed, popped his little hinny and sent him to his room! Holy moly..I went from loving mommy to crazy lady in 2.5 seconds! After taking a few moments to calm down, I calmly went into Carson's room and explained to him that if he needs something he should ask ME and not take it upon himself to do it. He told me he was sorry and that he would NOT go in my fridge again......I won't hold my breath! ;-)

I love my boys more than life itself. I wouldn't trade a moment with them for anything in this world, but I must admit they know how to make a woman crazy!.....Oh don't worry I'm back to "over-the moon in love" mommy mood...but that could change in a matter of seconds! :)